Advent Begins This Sunday!

What is Advent all about? It’s a time of preparation. It’s a time to get our hearts and minds ready to receive the birth of the Christ Child. There’s no better way to make those preparations than by joining us

This Christmas…

Carols. Candles. Communion. What’s Christmas Eve without these traditions? To keep your worship experience as familiar and as safe as possible, Asbury is hosting virtual Christmas Eve worship at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 24 on Rev. Dr. Kip Laxson

In-Person Worship Update

COVID-19 cases are, unfortunately, on the rise. In an effort to keep you and your family safe, we are suspending in-person Traditions worship at 8:30 a.m. In-person Traditions worship, as well as The Bridge worship at 11:00 a.m., will continue. Traditions worship

Celebrating All Saints Sunday

Saints come in all shapes and sizes. We tend to associate saints with extraordinary people. But there are other kind of saints–everyday saints–who shaped and molded our lives. Who were those saints in your life? And what did they teach

Is It Safe to Come Back?

Jesus told Simon Peter in Matthew 16 that the church will thrive and move into the future, no matter the obstacles. That’s just what Asbury is doing in spite of a pandemic. Rev. Dr. Kip Laxson elaborates in today’s eVideo

What Does It Mean to Have a Pure Heart?

Join Pastor Kip this Sunday for the next sermon in his series, “The How of Happiness: 9 Proven Principles” as we consider Jesus’ meaning behind the next and somewhat difficult-to-understand beatitude in Matthew 5: “Happy are the people who have

What Me, Worry?

Pandemic. Hurricanes. Racial and political unrest. There’s a lot to worry us right now and it’s not easy to lay our anxieties aside, as Jesus tell us to do in Matthew 6. Yet it’s possible when we break it down

Why Should We Wear Masks?

What should our response be when it comes to wearing a mask during this pandemic? In this week’s eVideo, Rev. Dr. Kip Laxson says we must uphold our Christian responsibility to think of others and care for our neighbors. On

Coming Back to Church

Can you be a Christian but not attend church? Jesus answers this in the gospel of Matthew (16:13) and Rev. Dr. Kip Laxson adds important context.Speaking of attending church, we really want to reopen. Really. But we won’t do that until

Why Do We Doubt?

Today, in the first of a new series where he answers frequently asked questions about God, faith, and the church, Pastor Kip talks about doubt and uses a beloved story from Matthew 14:22 to remind us of God’s constant presence.