Melt Me, Mold Me…

Central to the message of Jesus and early Christianity is the affirmation that God is with us in the world through the presence of the Holy Spirit. And that the Holy Spirit warms us and melts our hearts making us

Are You Focusing On Jesus?

One of the most celebrated paintings in modern history is “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci, the classic portrayal of Christ and his twelve apostles sitting at the dinner table. Many students of art history believe that the painting,

A Father’s Love

In his best-selling book, Disappointment with God, Philip Yancey writes that he went to visit his long-widowed mother one afternoon and the two spent hours looking through a box of old photos. Yancey says a certain picture of an eight-month-old baby

What If You Were the Prodigal Son?

Retired seminary professor Fred B. Craddock was preaching on the parable of the prodigal son. After the service a man said to Craddock, “I really didn’t care much for that, frankly.”  Craddock asked, “Why?” The man said, “Well, I guess it’s

A Story of Homecoming

What a glorious Easter Sunday celebration we had at Asbury! Holy Week with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services made it all the more extraordinary! During my greeting and announcement time on Sunday, I shared a brief story with you

Easter: The Foundation of Our Faith

In his powerful book, Brother to a Dragonfly, Will D. Campbell relates a late night conversation with his old friend named P. D. East. Campbell shares that East had long referred to the church as the “Easter chicken,” and in this

A Moment of Triumph

Holy Week marks eight days that changed the world. These days have been the topic of millions of publications, countless debates, and thousands of films. They have have inspired the greatest painters, the most skilled architects, and the most gifted

Day 7: Old Jerusalem

Shalom! Our seventh and final day was just as eventful and moving as the first six. Yesterday we followed Jesus through his final days but we didn’t cover Jesus’ arduous walk (with his cross) to Golgotha. But before we get