Easter: The Foundation of Our Faith

In his powerful book, Brother to a Dragonfly, Will D. Campbell relates a late night conversation with his old friend named P. D. East. Campbell shares that East had long referred to the church as the “Easter chicken,” and in this

A Moment of Triumph

Holy Week marks eight days that changed the world. These days have been the topic of millions of publications, countless debates, and thousands of films. They have have inspired the greatest painters, the most skilled architects, and the most gifted

Day 7: Old Jerusalem

Shalom! Our seventh and final day was just as eventful and moving as the first six. Yesterday we followed Jesus through his final days but we didn’t cover Jesus’ arduous walk (with his cross) to Golgotha. But before we get

Day 5: Jericho, Qumran, Masada & The Dead Sea

Shalom! Israel practices daylight saving’s time at the end of March. And it just so happened that last night was our lucky night to lose an hour of sleep. So we’re now eight hours ahead of you, Birmingham. But, we’re

Day 4: Bethlehem

Shalom! Today we said goodbye to Northern Israel and headed South to Bethlehem, about a three-hour drive. Along the way, the terrain began to change. The green countryside became sandy brown and the mountains sharpened. They look as though God

Day 3: Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi, Golan Heights

Hello from Israel! We all enjoyed yesterday’s nature walk so much that we once again began our day outside in God’s creation, hiking through Tel Dan Nature Preserve. The Dan Stream (pictured top left) is the largest and most important

Day 2: Valley of the Doves, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River

This morning began with a walk through the Valley of Arbel or The Valley of the Doves. This route is the path Jesus walked three times a year when he had to travel from Capernum (his home) to Jerusalem. Mustard

Day 1: Petra, Caesarea, & Mount Carmel

Hello from Israel!  The majority of your church family arrived here yesterday after a 10-1/2 hour flight. But a lucky dozen arrived three days before and visited Petra: a Nabatean city that was lost for thousands of years. You may

How Will Your Journey End?

Malcolm Muggeridge started out a doubter. He was an acclaimed reporter for the BBC and he viewed British Christianity as lifeless and dull. It did not excite him. In fact, to his reasoned, calculating way of thinking, Christianity made very