Raise Them Up – Being Good Neighbors

Like many of you I watched the events of this past week and thought, what can I do to affect change? I am a fifty-year-old white man, a husband, a father of two kids and a pastor that has spent

Raise Them Up – Part 1

According to Fuller Youth Institute (FYI), nearly half of all young people raised in Christian families walk away from their faith when they graduate from high school. That’s the bad news. But here’s the good news: research shows that parents

The Middle – Post 5

I am ready for COVID-19 to be in the past and start what’s next, how about you?! I have a feeling I’ll be like George from the classic Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, when he realizes everything is back

The Middle – Post 4

Those of you who are a regular part of The Bridge (our contemporary service at Asbury UMC) have most likely heard me talk about my paternal grandmother, Bessie. Nearly every Sunday from the time I can remember until I was

The Middle – Post 3

As a pastor, I get the privilege of officiating at weddings. It is such a joy to be a part of a wedding ceremony, especially if I have a relationship with the couple. In the opening of the ceremony, it

The Middle – Post 2

We have all been in “The Middle” of something, where one way of living has ended and another way has just begun. However, it is rare that we are all in “The Middle” together like we are now with the COVID-19

The Middle – Post 1

We are currently living in the middle of life before COVID-19 and life after COVID-19. One way of viewing our world has ended and another way of viewing the world is still in process.  During the next five weeks, I

Intentional Parenting

Many years ago a friend of mine went to a spring training game to see the Baltimore Orioles practice. His main goal was to get the autograph of legendary baseball player Cal Ripken.  During the game, Ripken fielded a ground

The Power of a Lunch-Box Note

The other day Joe Williams–one of our youth directors at Asbury UMC–came into my office and showed me a picture of a napkin that was left in the lunchbox of one of our students from her dad. The note simply

Words Matter

Do you believe that words matter? SMH. YOLO. ROFL. Even if you got what I was saying there, I hope you get the point. Words matter today…perhaps more than anytime in our history.  We live in a world that communicates in