Asbury will participate with several other churches in the South Central District in a special called Charge Conference on December 6, 2021 at 8:00pm via Zoom. The sole item on the agenda for this special called Charge Conference is to elect and authorize two current members of Asbury’s Trustees Committee to act on the behalf of the congregation regarding a vote in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy case. The two Trustees that have been nominated to serve Asbury in this capacity are Lee Benson, Trustees Chairperson and Kathy Beaumont, Class of 2021.

Asbury is required to participate in this special called Charge Conference because we serve as a chartered organization with the Boy Scouts of America and have done so for many years. We will publish the specific information for the virtual meeting on this page the week before the Zoom meeting.

In accordance with  ¶ 246.8 of the Book of Discipline, “Notice of time and place of a regular or special session of the charge conference shall be given at least at least ten days in advance by two or more of the following (except as local laws may otherwise provide): from the pulpit of the church, in its weekly bulletin, in a local church publication, or by mail.”

If you have any questions, please reach out to David Miller, Church Administrator for more information.