Asbury Family Ministry welcomes, accepts and serves those seeking to grow together in Christ, creating a faith that lasts as we worship, grow and serve.

Parent Connect

Parenting is hard. Parent Connect are fellowship and learning opportunities designed to make things a little easier. Join fellow parents and special-guest facilitators the third Sunday of each month during the school year from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. We’ll tackle a variety of topics parents face in passing down faith in today's world.

  • September 22 - Napkinisms with Billy Ivey: Billy lives ‘right down the road’ but travels around the country sharing his story of investing in kids through lunch box notes. He has accumulated quite a following on social media by sharing these funny and inspiring “Napkinisms.” Register now for this free seminar!
  • October 20 - Milestones Matter: Learn more about the Milestones Program during this informational session. Each milestone listed below has a monthly online parent class to help leverage this special time in the life of our families. Register now for this free seminar!
    • Kindergarten                   •Baptism   
    • The Bible (2nd grade)    •Confirmation (6th grade)  
    • Entering High School     •Entering Adulthood
  • November 17 - Social Media: Keeping up with the latest trends and pitfalls can be a daunting task to most parents. During this class, Social Media Consultant will help parents discern and develop best practices in guiding your kids and family through the social media culture. Register now for this free seminar!


...are significant moments in the life journey of a child that offer unique opportunities to create a faith that lasts into adulthood. Asbury is not only committed to teaching, leading, and helping children grow in faith through these milestones, but we are equally as committed to equipping and resourcing parents to capitalize on these spiritual transitions for their child's benefit as well as their own.

Learn more about Milestones.


Married Couples

...are important at Asbury UMC. We believe that strong, healthy marriages help create faith that lasts. We want to empower couples to learn and grow closer to each other and to God.

Discover our couples resource: MarriedPeople.


Pastor Robert's Blog

Asbury's Pastor of Family Formation always has an inspiring word to share about parenting, marriage and life. Read his blog.


Family Formation Facebook Page

From parenting tips and insights to fellowship opportunities at your church home, Asbury's Family Formation Page (@AsburyFamilyMinistry) can give you weekly reminders of how to live a faith-filled life.