MIA Newsletter

April 2016

Missionary Lucas Odero

by Rev. Lucas Onyango Odero

I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Hillside Faith Church is located in Eldoret and other towns in Kenya, East Africa. We are so grateful to the Almighty God for the leadership of Asbury Methodist Church. Hillside Faith Church was born from the inspiration of great missionaries from Asbury Church.  We pray that the Lord will bless all of you together with your family for the kindness and the commitment you have for the work of expanding the Kingdom of God around the world.

I would like to express my gratitude for the many good things that you have done for us just to mention:

  1. The car that you bought us four year ago that is still doing a lot of good work.  It has gone all over to share the Good News and even taking food and clothing to the needy and the poor. As a result we have been able to lead many people to Christ. Sometimes we have been called to help take people to the hospital.  Because the Lord gave the car to us to help us show the love of Christ, we have done it willingly.  All this is attributed to you because if it were not for your help, we would not have this instrument that has made our work very easy. May the King expand your territory for giving us the feet to run with the Gospel.
  2. Our public address system speakers are still helping us greatly to share the word of God in the open air crusades.  Though our amplifier got a defect, we are trusting God to get another one.
  3. The piano keyboard is helping our music to be great.
  4. The tent also is doing us good though it has now been many years of service.

This is just to mention that the help you give us does not go unnoticed.

Currently the ministry has been able to impact thousands of people who have accepted Christ through our outreach ministries. We have touch life positively through the grace of God.

The impact is both spiritual and social in the sense that we have been able to remove some families from the street who were living very hard and got them some modest housing.  Today they have testimonies of the love of God.  I recently visited them and in the neighborhood people called me by name because the street girls talk good of what God has done through us. As you pray and support us know that you impact lives in a great way.

Lucy says- “Pastor if it was not for you I could now be dead in the street when I was being raped every day” and as a result bore babies.  She has been in and out of the hospital and God has been good.

Tata says – “Pastor I now don’t sniff glue and see how clean I am”. This is just the impact the ministry is making in a small way.  The love of Christ has changed her.

Tata and her son Alan

Evalyne is a widow with two children and an adopted niece who was orphaned.  She did know how to pay for her house, feed her children, or pay school fees for her children.  We helped her.  This is what she says – “Pastor I just ask the Lord to bless you because I have nothing to repay you!”

Evalyne, Sheila, Melvine, and Mercy

Our church has been able to reach out to many and we have been able to preach the good news to many using a holistic approach: preaching the Gospel, giving out tracts, and showing a cinema show that God provided for us with an LCD projector. The cinema ministry has seen thousands of people turn to God in a culture that doesn’t value Christianity.  This is in line with the great commission as it is stated in Matthew 28:19.  We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God that brings salvation to those who believe, for in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith. As it is written the righteous shall live by faith. (Roman 1:16-17)

HFC has grown from one church to several around the country.

My spiritual son Christopher Oduor says – “Pastor thank you for impacting my life if it were not for you, I could not know how to relate to people.”  He is our pastor in Nakuru church.  I preached in his church on January 1st with Helen. He testified of the Lord’s doings. This pastor was considered good for nothing and a certain man wanted to employ him as a shepherd to keep his cows and sheep. But today God is using him greatly.  We are grateful to God for many other pastors who are making an impact. Some are directly linked to us and others are indirectly. And it’s not only in Kenya but also in the neighboring countries of East Africa and India.

Through God’s favor with limited resource available, we said that will always share with the orphans and the needy in society. Whenever funds are available, we take food, clothing, and bedding.  We have given out blankets and mattresses to people who have never owned one before and all these have been as a result of people who are our rope holders.  We have come to realize that God’s work done in God’s way will never lack His supply. 

In December we had a great VBS and many children have fallen in love with Jesus Christ as our kindness in some way has challenged many.  Please stand with us and pray that you will come and lead a VBS with us one day. My children have become so instrumental in leading others to Christ. Recently they invited some children into our home.  These children were strangers to them.  They gave them something to eat and clothes.  From that time these children have never missed coming to church.

We have also been able to help the elderly and we have seen lives change. We trust God to build a center in the land I inherited from my parents to put up a center to help orphans and widows and the elderly because the HIV/Aids is real and causing many problems.

We have been able to do mission in colleges and schools, like Moi University, Tamabch teacher college, Mosoriot teachers College, Eldoret Polytechnic, Chester College, Medical Training School, Wareng High School, among many others institutions like Eldoret Police.  Many college students have been changed for the better and are now serving the Lord with the whole of their strength.  We have done prison ministry and Re-awake community Rehabilitation (like alcoholic anonymous).  Many have been transformed for the better and now are productive citizens of this country. We have visited many people in hospitals and prayed with them.  Some received their healing and give us testimonies of what the Lord has done. As a ministry we are happy that in one way or the other, many pastors have been blessed through many conferences that we have been able to organize.   As a result I have a network of pastors whose ministries have been blessed through us.  These conferences include Discipleship Conference, Leadership conference, and prayer conferences ETC.  Today we can say that this far has the Lord brought us.  He has helped us overcome many challenges that have come our way.

Please know that we need you and we cannot do what we are doing without you. The challenges and the needs are great but will not stop since He who has called us is faithful. 

Prayer requests:

  1. Purchase of church property worth $70,000. This will help us move from the school where we currently meet.
  2. Support for the orphans and widows.
  3. Support for the drug addicts and alcoholics.
  4. We trust the Lord to provide slippers, blankets, and soap for prisoners.  We have given Bibles to people and Jesus has really changed some who are now serving faithfully both in and out of prison.
  5. $10,000 to run all the programs we have.
  6. My family’s health and schooling.
  7. Send as a team here people who will work with us in any ministry.
  8. Because of the many poor and needy people who can’t afford to come to church, we pray for a van that can help in bus ministry.
  9. We pray for more Bibles to give to those who have never owned one.
  10. Sponsorship for the school going children.

Our prayers are with all of you and may the Lord be with you and bless you a million for your kindness.  You may not know the great impact you have partnered with us to cause, but I want to let you know it’s only the Heavens that will be able to tell.

Lucas and Family
Lucas about to preach

Lucas and his ministry are supported by AUMC through Missions in Action and through private donations.  If you would like to donate directly, designate Lucas Odero on your check to AUMC.  Donations are accumulated and sent annually to minimize international transaction costs.