Do you know what would happen if a tornado hit Asbury on a Sunday morning? What if someone next to you in worship passes out?

Asbury’s Security Team bridges the gap between the time an incident happens and the time professionals arrive (5-7 minutes). Please help them help YOU by familiarizing yourself with these safety procedures.



  • The security team will direct everyone to the first floor into odd-numbered classrooms (those without windows). Do not stop to get your children; teachers and aids will bring them downstairs.


  • If a fire alarm sounds, the security team will direct everyone outside using the closest exit. All rooms at Asbury have an escape plan; use fire extinguishers throughout the building to put out small fires.


  • Physicians and nurses are on call on Sunday mornings. If you see someone that needs help, say something. Put your hand up and yell, “I need help!” Please clear the row and go to the back of the sanctuary.


  • Get down on the floor. Do not get up and try to run. Get down lower than the pews and stay there until the security team has resolved the problem. We will let you know when it’s clear. Our security team covers the nursery and children’s classrooms.

Interested in joining the security team? Volunteers serve one Sunday a month and must commit to monthly training seminars. Reach out to Team Leader Jim Griffin today.