About This Series:

“There is a basic difference between an explorer and a tourist. The tourist travels quickly, stopping only to observe the highly noticeable or publicized points of interest. The explorer, on the other hand, takes time to search out all that one might find. Too many of us read the Bible like a tourist and then complain that our devotional times are fruitless. It is necessary that we take time to explore the Bible. Notable nooks and crannies will appear as we travel beneath the surface.

Throughout August and September, we will engage in some serious bible study as we seek to grasp the deeper and consequential meaning of what the text is saying to us. Join me in on an excursion through some of the richest stories in the Old and New Testaments.” – Rev. Dr. Kip Laxson, Senior Pastor

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September 16, 2018: The Fish with a Coin in Its Mouth