(8:30 & 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary)

Sermon Series with Rev. Dr. Kip Laxson:

How can this be?

What will this child become?

How long do I have to wait?

The Nativity story in the New Testament Gospel accounts contain six key inquiries that unlock the true reason for the season. Beginning the first Sunday in December, join me as we rediscover Christmas all over again!

Rev. Dr. Kip Laxson, Senior Pastor

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The Bridge

(11:00 a.m. in Williams Chapel)

Sermon Series with Rev. Robert Mercer:

Many of us take the same approach to Advent that we take to Lent—it’s an unpleasant season of waiting that we want to get through as quickly as possible. In other words, we want to arrive at the awaiting Christmas celebration. But Advent is a powerful season for believers, a time when we rehearse a common story of God’s people: waiting on him to fulfill his promises and learning to trust him in our waiting. This Advent in the Bridge we will look at four different places of waiting in the story of God’s people. In the process, we’ll consider how to trust God’s promises and work for redemption in our times of waiting.  

Rev. Robert Mercer, Pastor of Family Formation

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