Close to 400,000 people live in urban ghettos in Bulgaria. The communities lack sewage systems, running water, electricity and are inaccessible by road. There are no school systems for children and about 70% of the population is unemployed.

Mission Bulgaria is a proud partner with "Care for All" ministries, a non-profit organization based in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. From food distribution and church planting to children's festivals and orphan care, they strive to provide education and care to men, women and children in these ghettos.

At Christmas, the organization does a Christmas Shoebox project which brings Christmas to as many children as possible. For the last five years, Asbury has helped Mission Bulgaria build shoeboxes and we've pledged to help 300 children this year.

Adoption cards are available outside Traditions and The Bridge. Or, you may adopt a child online.


Small balls (and a pump), dolls, cars, yoyo, toys that light up (include extra batteries), jewelry, sunglasses, T-shirts (Disney, sports, gaming, pop stars) flashlight, pencils, pens, markers, notepads, crayons, coloring books, hard candy (nothing that will melt), stickers, hair accessories, comb, brush, photos of you and your family, drawings. 


War-related toys, toy weapons, liquids, bubbles, gels, toothpaste, shampoos (infant creams are ok but put in a Ziploc bag), storybooks or word puzzles in English, candy that will melt, out of date candy, potato chips in bags, used items, breakable items, aerosol cans, or strongly scented bar soap. 


If you'd like to gift wrap the box, please ensure it can be opened prior to shipping (wrap the lid separately from the bottom). Include $5 for shipping, cash or checks can be written to “PLUM” (Pray Love Unite Ministries). Place the money inside the box or place it in an envelope securely taped to the outside of the box. One check can be written for multiple boxes. Note the number of boxes on the check. Drop off your box by Thursday, Sept. 30.


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