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What is The Journey AM?

The Journey AM is a set of classes offered Sunday morning from 9:45AM – 10:45 AM. The Journey AM will not replace Asbury’s current adult Sunday school classes but will be offered in addition to them.

What is The Journey PM?

The Journey PM is a set of classes offered Sunday evenings from 6:00PM – 7:30PM.  This option is a new addition to the 2015/2016 Journey year.  The Journey PM was developed to offer Adult bible studies on Sunday nights and coincides with the Children and Youth programs.

Why was The Journey developed?

We recognized the need to offer a different and unique approach to the traditional adult Sunday school structure offered at Asbury. While we have very strong adult Sunday school classes, we wanted to enhance our intentional faith development here at Asbury and offer a unique alternative.


What will be the duration of the classes?

The Journey has been designed based on a session model. It will consist of four 7-week sessions beginning in August and ending in May.  Most sessions will kick off the first week with an assembly in the Christian Life Center and feature a guest speaker and registration opportunity.


Who should attend The Journey?

The Journey is designed for anyone! If you are not currently in an adult Sunday school class and would like to attend or if you would like to drop by for a class that peaks your interest, you are welcome.  Your participation is completely customizable. You are welcome to attend one session or multiple sessions. Invite a friend!


What if I’m planning on volunteering for the Children’s program or Youth program on Sunday mornings?

No problem! Actually we encourage you to volunteer for the children/youth programs. The Journey makes it easy to do both: you can volunteer with the children/youth programs AND attend The Journey. Just let the children’s and youth coordinators know which session(s) you would like to volunteer to serve and then sign up for The Journey classes on alternate sessions. You get the best of both worlds…teaching children about God’s love and being taught about God’s love!


Where do I direct questions about The Journey, ideas for topics or talk to someone about leading a session?

Please contact Greg Foust at 271-9903 or [hide_email]. He would love to hear from you!


What classes will be offered and when will they be offered?

A variety of different topics will be offered each session! One of the objectives of The Journey is to provide classes that interest you. We will offer biblical—based classes, faith and life classes and studies on specific topics such as Prayer, Parenting and Finances.  Please remember that your feedback is really important to us!  We would appreciate any topic ideas you are interested in studying.


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