Pandemic. Hurricanes. Racial and political unrest. There’s a lot to worry us right now and it’s not easy to lay our anxieties aside, as Jesus tell us to do in Matthew 6. Yet it’s possible when we break it down into actionable steps, says Pastor Kip.

Christmas Shoeboxes Are Due in 2 Weeks!

Time is flying! Here’s what we need you to do:

  • Find a shoebox (or buy a shoe-box size container).
  • Fill it with toys or fun goodies (no liquid or hygiene items) for a boy or girl.
  • Place $5 in an envelope and tape the envelope to the outside of your box for shipping and handling.
  • Pray over your box and say a prayer for the child who will receive it.
  • Return your box to Asbury by Sept. 30 and we’ll ship it to Bulgaria.

What Me, Worry?